Saint Nicolas at the Hergé Museum

Sunday 29 November
It is coming to that time of year when children realise that being good is a smart move... Saint Nicolas is coming to town.

Saint Nicolas at the Hergé Museum

Sunday 29 November 2015
Sunday 29 November 2015, Saint Nicolas will be at the Hergé Museum for the whole day! All good children are welcome.

A wheelchair visit in the Atrium of the Hergé Museum

Wednesday 2 December 2015,
Wednesday 2 December 2015, between 10.30 am and 5 pm, take part in a wheelchair visit in the Atrium of the Hergé Museum. This activity, which is free for all visitors, is designed to help people understand the difficulty of being in a wheelchair.

Hergé Museum – free Sundays!

Sunday 6 December
On Sunday 6 December, the Hergé Museum is open and accessible to all visitors… for free!


From 2 October 2015 to 6 January 2016
HERGÉ Museum, from 2 October 2015 to 6 January 2016

Tintin - "The Musée en Herbe"

Tintin is coming to Paris to celebrate the Musée en Herbe's 40th birthday.


The ADMH 11

The new online magazine of the ADMH – the Hergé Museum friends society – has just been published! Members of the club receive three issues of the magazine a year + a host of other benefits.

Five Suns for the Hergé Museum

The Hergé Museum has just been awarded its fifth “Sun”, the mark of quality delivered by the General Commissary of Tourism for the Region of Wallonia.

Shuttle bus to Hergé Museum

Visiting the Hergé Museum is easy! A shuttle bus can pick you up directly from your Brussels hotel or from the City Tours Brussels office.

Temporary exhibition : Into Tibet with Tintin

From May 19 to January 13, 2013

« Tintin doesn’t fight for everyone, but every time that his adventures bring him face to face with someone suffering misery, injustice or violence, Tintin takes their side. »


Photo © Moulinsart

To celebrate the visit to Belgium of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Hergé Museum and Tintin take you on a journey to the Roof of the World.

« In 1990, I visited one of the Tibetan communities in exile in India, and on this occasion I had the joy and privilege of meeting the Dalai Lama. His Holiness knew of Tintin and was very positive about the idea of nurturing the links between our reporter and the story of his country. When I asked him what we could do for his people, he simply answered: Just help by talking about us,so that we are not forgotten. »

Fanny Rodwell

The story of Tintin in Tibet has allowed people all over the world to discover the geography and culture of the Himalayan country also known as the Roof of the World. This Tintin adventure is the result of immense effort and research carried out by Hergé and his assistants.

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