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Sunday, December 2, 2018
Visit for free the Hergé Museum! A museum of unique architecture dedicated to the work of the father of Tintin and Snowy!


Scared to death

In the margins of the notebooks and in the sketchbooks of the future draftsman Hergé, death is already evident. You come across it in scenes of shootouts between cowboys or in reference to various armed conflicts, old or contemporary of the early years of the artist...

Nine years, how time flies! ...


In 2018, the Hergé Museum celebrates its ninth anniversary.

Nine ... a figure that reminds us of the black and white albums, made by Hergé before their "modernisation" and reformatting for the transition to colour. Note that these albums are clearly presented from different angles in the galleries of our beautiful museum.

In less than a decade, the Hergé Museum has come a long way. With its dynamic display of between dream, fiction and reality. It has offered a wide audience the opportunity to discover beautiful temporary exhibitions, unusual events, exclusive interviews, lectures on the most diverse topics, but also Rallies of past automobiles, or even charming animations for children as part of "Louvain-la-plage” (the beach) and birthday parties. Not to mention, the many guided tours that allow the public to go much further in the discovery of places.

Photos du Musée Hergé

Next year, the Hergé Museum will get to blow the candles on two birthday cakes: that of its 10 years of existence, but also that of the 90th anniversary of the creation of Tintin, promise of many exciting events to come!

Ahead of this, the artistic work of Hergé continues to travel the globe with touring exhibitions, a sort of rally call to invite visitors to come to Belgium to discover this fabulous building, all dedicated to the Clear Line. Fanny and Nick Rodwell can be proud to have given Belgium this architectural gem: the Hergé Museum. Thanks to them, Tintin's father continues to live through the twenty-first century with his drawings, his art and of course, his millions of passionate readers.

Thank you for your loyalty to Hergé!