Free admission - Laughter and Fear at the Hergé Museum!

On Sunday, November 4, 2018
Come to laugh or tremble with fear at the Hergé Museum!


Scared to death

In the margins of the notebooks and in the sketchbooks of the future draftsman Hergé, death is already evident. You come across it in scenes of shootouts between cowboys or in reference to various armed conflicts, old or contemporary of the early years of the artist...

Seasons Greetings!

The Hergé Museum and its whole team wish you a very Happy New Year for 2018. There will be plenty going on at the Museum – we won't tell you anything for the moment as it will be a surprise!

Many people have already visited the Hergé Museum, and there are still many more for whom the discovery still awaits. There is an amazing fresco displaying many characters from The Adventures of Tintin in the “Paper Family” gallery. Perhaps you recognise some of them or the stories in which they appear?

Carte de voeux

It was at the end of 1972 when Hergé drew this picture for an end-of-year greetings card. Hunched over his drawing table, he remained 100% focussed on what he was doing. After several hours of hard work the smiling artist had achieved his goal. Following some minor additions / modifications by his assistants, he got down to the process of inking his work.

In this impressive crowd of characters you can find a self-portrait by the artist. This is something that Hergé did on numerous occasions in his Tintin and Quick and Flupke books; in the first frame from Tintin in the Congo (1946 colour version) Hergé and his assistant Edgar Jacobs came to wish Tintin bon voyage!

Can you find Hergé in the fresco?

Carte de voeux

In the “Paper Family” gallery there is also a smaller picture of the same illustration, showing the names of the characters. A good idea if you visit – take a photo of yourself with Tintin's family for a great souvenir!