Free entrance and giant mushrooms at the Hergé Museum!

Sunday, August 5, 2018
Free for everyone!


Nine years, how time flies! ...

In 2018, the Hergé Museum celebrates its ninth anniversary.

The 16th issue of the ADMH magazine is now available!

In the latest issue of the ADMH magazine:

The discover of an unknown drawing by Hergé leads to reflections on scouting.

News from the Museum: “Diagonale-Le Soir” awards, Tintin in the 21st Century symposium, visitors from the East and the Louvain-la-Plage festival – there is always something happening at the Hergé Museum.

How a reader of The Adventures of Tintin discovered the hidden facade of Marlinspike Hall.

What have the Michelin man and Tintin got in common? Not much? Think again!

Olivier Weinberg, a comic strip author who works in the style of Jacques Martin, talks with the ADMH.

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