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Sunday May 6th
The Hergé Museum is free to everyone on this day!


The Hergé Music Library

As if lured by the sound of the mermaids, visitors to the Hergé Museum enter the room on the third floor. Charmed by this melody which invites us to explore the work of this great draftsman...

The egg or ... the magpie?

In the fifties, to celebrate big events on the calendar, the magazine Tintin offered its readers superb covers designed by Hergé.

Conference – “Hergé, Jacobs: crossed destinies…”

Sunday 15th October 2017

"Hergé, Jacobs: crossed destinies…  when the clear line joined colour."

This unique conference is being held in the exclusive setting of the Hergé Museum and marks 30 years since Edgar P. Jacobs passed away.

Hergé met Jacobs in the 1940s, when Casterman decided to publish the Tintin books in colour.

Come and discover two great masters of Belgian comics:

Hergé and Jacobs, whose lives crossed and then parted. Their  family stories, their careers between 1920 and 1940, their lives through the Second World War, the adventure of Tintin magazine, their legacies for twentieth-century comic strips... all will be revealed through anecdotes and rare documents.

Presentation by Jean Fontaine, representative of the Amis de Jacobs in Belgium.


The conference will start at 3 pm

Free entry but mandatory pre-booking:

Hergé Museum

Rue du Labrador 26 (boulevard du Nord), 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve