Admission free along with a “special” guided tour of the Hergé Museum!

Sunday April 1st
And no, it’s not an April Fool’s trick; the Hergé Museum is free to everyone on this day!


The Hergé Music Library

As if lured by the sound of the mermaids, visitors to the Hergé Museum enter the room on the third floor. Charmed by this melody which invites us to explore the work of this great draftsman...

Hergé and Chang

We know Tintin's faithful companion is Snowy, a white fox-terrier who follows his master Tintin throughout his 24 adventures...

A full overview of Hergé's work


There are currently on display in Paris and in Louvain-la-Neuve two full overviews of Hergé's work. While the Hergé exhibition is being held at the Grand Palais, the Hergé Museum has not taken any of its content off display.

The work of Hergé is so rich and diverse that the thousands of documents and original works in existence can delight visitors in two major exhibition spaces at once!