Until February 10, 2019
An event not to be missed, available for viewing for only a few days!


Scared to death

In the margins of the notebooks and in the sketchbooks of the future draftsman Hergé, death is already evident. You come across it in scenes of shootouts between cowboys or in reference to various armed conflicts, old or contemporary of the early years of the artist...

When Hergé met Nat Neujean

From May 22, 2014 to January 10, 2015

Exhibition of the works of Nat Neujean

- From May 22, 2014 to January 2015.
- Vernissage May 22.
- Opening to public May 23.

The first 3D artist of Tintin

The first exhibition of the works of Nat Neujean at the Hergé Musem has come about through a mixture of miracle and chance. It is a miracle because it is the first time that all the work that Neujean did in relation to the world of Hergé is being put on display in a single place, bringing together plaster statues never before exhibited to the public with original works in bronze. Visitors can discover the first 18 cm Tintin statue Neujean created in 1953, the stone bust of Tintin he made in 1954, the bronze bust of Tintin created that same year, the bust of Hergé sculpted in 1958, the models for the Tintin and Snowy monument created for the thirtieth anniversary of Tintin magazine and one of the original full-size (nearly 2 metres tall) copies of this magnificent statue, cast in bronze in 1976.

But the exhibition is also down to chance, the chance meeting in 1947 between two artists, a meeting which, for Neujean, would lead to many other acquaintances.

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